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Glacier National Park, Montana

Photo Adventure Tours & Workshops


Having never traveled to Asia before, traveling with MagicLight was the only way to go. Not only was everything taken care of, but there was never a concern about where we were staying or where we were going to eat. It was always first rate accommodations. The opportunity to have guides that were willing to meet before sunrise and stay beyond sunset gave so much more in the way of photo opportunities. Changing conditions meant changing schedules and MagicLight allowed for every contingency.

Simon G. - Raleigh, NC

In 2005 two friends and I, all very interested in photography, joined Steve Murray and several others for a photo oriented trip to the Far East. We spent time in Burma (Myanmar), Laos, and Thailand. The trip was well planned, the food was good, the accommodations pleasant, and the instruction in photography as available and useful as needed. The trip was essentially sensory overload with scenery and civilization unlike anything we see in the USA. It was thoroughly enjoyable and educational as well. I highly recommend Steve's trips.

Alton S. - Cadillac, MI

Steve Murray knows how to travel. His enthusiasm is equaled only by his stunning travel photographs. My trip to Myanmar with MagicLight was an adventure that few get to experience and one certainly can't help but be inspired not only by Steve, but also by the incredible locations that he takes you to.

Dwane P. - Raleigh, NC